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When you’re alone with your reflection, are you prepared for what you see?

A prince in disguise? A monster revealed? An alien race?


Mirrors can be truth-tellers, wish-granters, face-concealers, illusion-makers, even monster-summoners. Maybe the mirror shows an evil twin, or an echo of the life that should have been. Or a portal to another world. 


What happens when it shatters?

Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths & Shattered Fairytales

Executive Editor: Kevin J. Anderson

the Anthology

Gilded Glass Preorder


                 is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror anthology exploring the motif of mirrors, portals, and reflections. It is compiled and edited by the Masters of Publishing MA students at Western Colorado University, with award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Kevin J. Anderson helming as executive editor. 

Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths and Shattered Fairytales

Available through
WordFire Press, July 19, 2022

Gilded Glass Final Cover.jpg

Explore the collection


Contains stories written by Seanan McGuire, Russell Davis, Eric James Stone, and more.

Unmasked: Tales of Risk and Revelation

When the mask comes off, can you handle what’s underneath?
When your secret identity is revealed …
When the monster is unleashed …
When the superhero’s child has no power …
When Death himself is caught unawares …

Pull back the mask to reveal 21 tales from seasoned and award-winning authors, of magical masks, gas masks, death masks, superheroes, secret identities, disguised robots, alien symbionts, a Napoleonic thief, a swindling demon—even a hidden clown.
Who will take the risk?

Explore the masks we wear, the mysteries they conceal, and the price we pay when they’re stripped away.

Join us in our unmasquerade as we revel in—revelation!


Contains stories written by Johnathan Mayberry, Fran Wilde, and more.

Monsters, Movies and Mayhem

Lights! Camera! Monsters?

Sometimes you go to the movies. And sometimes, the movies—and their monsters—come to you. At any moment, without notice, monsters once relegated to the screen become a reality. Aliens and demons, dragons and ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies, and seemingly ordinary people who are just plain evil.

Join award-winning authors Jonathan Maberry, Fran Wilde, David Gerrold, Rick Wilber and others for 23 all-new tales of haunted theaters, video gods, formidable demons, alien pizza, and delirious actors. Each story takes you to the silver screen with monstrous results.

Funny or grim, unsettling or cozy… You’ll laugh! You’ll sigh! You’ll scream!


Grab popcorn—and good running shoes—and enjoy the show.


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